Candy Watches

6:50 AM

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Merry X'mas

7:37 AM
Special Christmas Card(soul)wakaka
can u see two little soul in the pic below? ^^(soul is here)

tang kiu !!! i love it

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Proton "Soul"

11:58 PM

hey frens dun be shocked !!! becoz a new proton car (proton Soul ) will be introduced to the market few months ago i joined the Proton MPV's naming contest. The grand prize winner will get to name the new Proton MPV and will win one unit of the Proton MPV. Two runner-ups will win a trip for two to Lotus UK worth RM15,000 each. Winners will be announced at least 1 month before the Proton MPV’s official launch somewhere in end-March 2009. Winners will be contacted in October 2008, but as there are 3 prizes, I think this will be for the two runner-up who will win the trips. eh but why until now still nobody contact me??? nvm juz wait...maybe i m the winner so they will contact me on the launch's date.

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money money yeah yeah

11:20 PM
broke le give me more money la lou dao~evolution of 50 malaysia ringgit .the st one so bunga so many corak...then second and third lesser than lesser. .. next time might juz a white paper lol...anyway, non of my business i juz need more money give me more~
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说好的 幸福呢

9:40 AM
Your response is lost in confusion.
At this moment
recall a dove in a room with a fountain.
The sweetness has dispersed.
It’s only dragged-out emotion.
Do I still love you?
You are intermittently singing
Pretending it doesn’t matter.
时间过了 走了
Time passed, it’s gone.
Our love is faced with a choice.
你冷了 倦了我哭了
You’ve grown cold and tired, I’ve cried.
Your unhappiness upon leaving
You have written down on a card.
When love comes to this,
It truly hurts.
怎么了 你累了
What happened? You’ve grown tired.
说好的 幸福呢
What about the happiness we promised each other?
我懂了 不说了
I’ve figured it out but not said it.
Love has been diluted.
My dreams have gone far away.
the difference between being happy and unhappy is becoming a thinner line.
You don’t give up again.
那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
The emotions of having loved are too deep. I still remember them.
你不等了 说好的 幸福呢
you didn’t wait.
What about the happiness we promised each other?
我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了
I’ve made a mistake, wiped away the tears, let go, and regretted it.
It only hold memories, but the music box is still playing.
How’s it supposed to stop?
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X'mas card

7:56 AM

Today, i received a xmas card form Marylyn. thanks ah haha. not sure how long never receive xmas card dy... time passed reli fast everyone got their own life too. Wish everyone happy always. thanks Marylyn
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8:26 AM

nothing to blog so upload stefanie's pics here. nice rite
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10:21 AM

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$ face

7:44 AM

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my own shoes ~

10:34 PM

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袁惟仁 wit me

7:25 AM

袁惟仁 wit me!!! u guys cant believe isit .......c the below pic u will know i never lie...

wuhu she is my sis yun G

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9:09 AM

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9:45 AM

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oympic 2008

1:35 AM

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7:42 AM

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9:47 AM

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new cartoons

9:20 AM

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7:36 AM

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pure hero~

5:09 AM

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9:58 PM

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1:48 AM

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10:35 PM

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9:35 PM

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yr own~

3:06 AM
dont always think u r always right and without think outside the box. plz dont live in yr own box ...

try to spin yr brain...sometimes people are getting more and more stubborn, emotional, bias, full of selfishness because they control by their own 'square brain' ; they cant think and they dont want think u realise yr brain is square?
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9:29 AM

me wit my cap ~~!!!
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9:23 AM

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9:09 PM

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colorful ghost

7:55 AM

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